TG Club Leadership may change annually.

The following TG parents have volunteered to serve in various roles  July 2014- July 2015:

(Support needs are in parentheses.)



Director (including Calendar, & Email Updates):   Becky Mancini



Membership Coordinator:  Darlene Traughber

Membership Assistant:   Jean Lang

Promo Assistant:  Terri D’Angelo

TG Alumni Relations:  Marcy Ramich



Event Coordinators:  Paula Belemjian,  Christine Moore, Darlene Traughber, Marcy Ramich, Dottie Madigan

(Needed –  Event Assistants, Chaperones, and One-time Project, Meeting, or other Event Coordinators)

Jr.-Sr. Party Planning & Leadership:  Marcy & Molly Ramich

(Needed – Jr.-Sr. Party  Chaperones for the event in early June)

Outdoor Activity Coordinators:   Darlene Traughber, Christine Chernjavsky, Becky Mancini

(Needed- More parents to plan or chaperone outdoor activities)

(Also needed – Refreshment volunteers for various events).

HOMES offered for one-time events:  Christine Moore, Becky Mancini



Program Assistants:  a few parents have already offered help for classes TBD

(Needed:  One Program Assistant for EACH course offered.)

Maura Walsh has offered to assist for Vball.

Program Instructors:

Mary Maltzahn WILL continue Volleyball through spring 2015;  Noah Belemjian will host Jeopardy 1x per semester.

Sharon Folkerts will plan to continue TG Puppeteers for 2014-15;  Susan Jenkins intends to offer a couple Art workshops in fall;

Another instructor intends to offer an Art History course for Sr. High in winter/spring.