Dorm Essentials

What are some helpful items for the college dorm?

Mobile phone

A foam pad to top the mattress is a popular item since college mattresses are usually pretty hard.

XL Twin sheets (find these at JC Penney online,

“Command” brand hooks that don’t ruin the wall paint.

Electric teakettle (boils water fast for hot beverages, soups, oatmeal, etc.)

Flip flops for the hall showers

Fast-dry towels

Dependable alarm clock

Concentrated (space-saving) laundry detergent —or new tablets or sheets that you just pop in the washer!

Chip clips



Sturdy backpack (college textbooks are heavy!)

Swiffer duster

Mesh hamper and/or canvas laundry bag

Quarters for the laundry

desk chair (if the college does not provide one)

Other optional items:

Crates or folding bookcase

Hanging closet shelves (made of cloth)

Underbed storage bags

Area rug

Comfy chair that folds up

Printer (you will find friends fast!)

Compact Vacuum (you will keep those friends!)

Over-door coat/hat rack