Recommendation Letters

College Recommendation Letters

Attention Seniors (12th graders)If you intend to have Mrs. Mancini or any of your teachers write a recommendation letter for you for one or more colleges, please do not wait until the last minute.  Letters will be written in the order the requests are received, and with an average of 15 seniors graduating each year, and many other responsibilities on our adult instructors, there are no guarantees the recommendation letters will meet the application deadlines if you only allow a short time.  Etiquette: 1) It is proper to ASK an adult first if he or she would be willing and able to write a recommendation form on your behalf.  2) You need to provide that person with ALL the information needed for the task, including:  title and full name of admissions person, address of college, your intended major, the years and the context (courses) in which the instructor has known and worked with you, the type of letter requested by the college (ie. character reference, description of skills and academic achievement, “fit” with the college program, etc.).  3) Provide an envelope complete with a postage stamp and addressed to the college.  If there are several colleges for which you need letters, make sure you organize the information and corresponding envelopes clearly. 4) Request an email from your instructor when he or she has mailed the letter(s), and make a note in your college application file that they have been sent. 5) Thank the person for taking the time to help you in your application process. 6) In the spring, inform those adults of your acceptances and/or your final school decision.  They will want to know how it all turned out and how God is leading you in your education.