Offer a Course

Who May Teach at the Training Ground?

We encourage both home educators who have a special area of interest or expertise and community professionals to take the time to instruct and train homeschooled youth in a variety of life skills and career-related subjects. Instructors are independent contractors who set their own fees, supply their own course descriptions, arrange their own venues, and receive & confirm registrations and payment.

Recognize that though we intend to elicit the participation of various Christian professionals in our program to educate our teens about skills and careers, we will also welcome community professionals who have experience to offer (in outdoor skills, foreign language, personal computing skills, art, etc.) but who do not embrace our Christian faith. They will agree not to teach material that is intentionally contrary to a Christian/Biblical worldview or to promote pop culture discussions, but neither are we expecting them to teach theology or Christian distinctives.

Instructor Procedures and Fees

  1. Read through the Training Ground Policy Manual (online).
  2. Complete an Instructor Application for each course that you wish to teach. These are available to print off our website.
  3. Send it to:  The Training Ground, P.O. Box 186, Mendon, NY  14506
  4. If there is enough interest in your course, the club leadership will:  1) tentatively agree with you on the dates/times/venue for the course, 2) request a parent volunteer to serve as program assistant (such a club liaison is required for each course), and 3)  agree to post the course description you provide.
  5. The Training Ground will advertise your course on the center’s website on or prior to Registration Week (in early August or early December, for fall or spring registration, respectively).
  6. Students will email you their course registration, including their name, age, grade level, course name, and parent email address.
  7. When/If the course meets the minimum # of students, the instructor emails course confirmation to the students.
  8. Parents will then send course payment directly to the instructor.
  9. Upon receipt of payment, instructor is to email payment confirmation and welcome the student to the course.
  10. All TG instructors work as independent contractors, NOT employees of The Training Ground LLC.  As such, they are personally responsible for their course descriptions, curriculum, facility rentals, supplies, recitals, and the timely reporting and payment of taxes.
  11. Since your courses may be canceled due to inadequate registrations, facility conflicts, or other unforeseen situations,  your cancellation, refund, and attendance policies should be explained on your course description.

Note our privacy policy:

  • Class lists (names, grades) will be given to instructors. Any correspondence from the instructor to the students, except for simple assignment clarification, must be copied to The Training Ground director’s email.
  • Brief instructor biographies will be posted on the website. Also, instructors should include both a contact number and email on the course description.

Download Instructor Application

If you experience trouble opening this .pdf document you may need Acrobat Reader.