Training Ground membership is renewed annually.

Membership is OPEN for 2014-2015.  

Please submit membership forms and payment by mid-July 2014 if at all possible.

After a decade of the Mancinis directing TG activities as an LLC and hosting them in a designated building in Bushnell’s Basin, The Training Ground has changed to a community organization with a volunteer co-op model; it no longer has a designated building, but instead promotes activities offered at a range of venues by a variety of instructors and member parents.

Membership will ensure access (via website and/or email) to detailed information about the classes that are forming, and teens can initiate and/or attend  socials, field trips, and service projects offered by parents or other instructors and geared for the club members.

The membership fee (to $20 per teen) includes:

  • Online access to course and event information
  • Email announcements and weekly email TG Update
  • TG logo promo item
  • TG Member Directory (hard copy mailed to your home)

Some of the activities that MAY, for example, be offered in a given year include:  TG Yard Party (kick off social), park games, running events, or other outdoor recreational activities, book clubs, recreational gym sports, socials & progressive suppers, service projects, Jeopardy or other game days, Career Field Trips, life skills courses, Teen Bible Study, and Jr-Sr grad party.

The independent contractors may charge parents for their classes/venues.  Students will register for courses directly with the instructors; Parents will pay instructors directly for those classes.

The Lord has built a wonderful community of youth and families over these eleven years, centered first around a little canal-side building, but certainly not contained within it.  So as we have transitioned to a “community organization” status, we hope that you will continue in your enthusiastic participation, using your skills and resources to make suggestions, teach classes, or host events.

How to Join the TG:  New Members

  1. You must first READ the Policy Manual completely (online).
  2. Read, print, and sign the TG Membership Application  and the Liability Waiver.
  3. Send the completed forms (3 pages total) with payment of $20 per student to the address below.

How to Renew TG Membership:  Current Members

  1. You must first READ through the  Policy Manual completely (online) because it is updated annually.
  2. Then complete the one-page Renewal Application and Liability Waiver.
  3. Remember to include your annual membership payment of $20 per student along with the completed forms to the address below.


MAIL completed forms and payment to:

The Training Ground
P.O. Box 186
Mendon, NY  14506

If you experience trouble opening these PDF documents you may need Acrobat Reader.