Plan and Purpose

Training for Life…

The Training Ground is an educational club for home schooled students in grades 6-12, advertising educational enrichment programs (offered by independent contractors) and special events (such as service projects, socials, field trips, guest speakers hosted by TG parents) to its teen members.

Either parents or community professionals may arrange to teach classes which supplement a homeschooled student’s core curriculum in areas such as: the arts (eg. drawing, painting,  photography); public speaking, drama; academics (history and science unit studies); life skills (business and computer applications); science labs (biology); international studies; recreational sports (eg. volleyball, basketball, kayaking, orienteering, snowshoeing) and other similar areas of instruction. Instructors arrange their own venues, set their own fees, and determine their own course descriptions; they also receive and confirm registrations. The club leadership maintains a general club schedule of courses and events and posts the information to its members (by email and online).

Member students are encouraged to take initiative in planning activities.  They are also expected to hone other life skills, such as:  volunteer time in support of the club, write thank you notes to their instructors, welcome new members, and build relationships with adult mentors (eg. member parents, instructors, and club leadership) as well as with their fellow teens.

…Grounded in a Christian Worldview.

The Training Ground is dedicated to God and to service in His Kingdom. We seek to train students in a Christian worldview that recognizes Christ’s pre-eminence in all things. The goal of the leadership is to provide wholesome and challenging activities that help to prepare teenagers with skills for responsible adulthood while encouraging lifelong discipleship. The leadership recognizes the Bible to be the supreme authority in club decisions.

The Training Ground is community of home-schooled teens who seek to be career-minded, Christ-minded, and mindful of others. We are looking for serious scholars who are eager to work impartially and creatively with other home-educated students and who will demonstrate discipline, respect for authority, and excellent conduct.

The Training Ground Goals for Students

The following are attributes that The Training Ground (“TG”), with the help of its members’ parents, seeks to encourage in students:

  1. Personal Discipline
  2. Academic Excellence and Aspirations
  3. A Christian Worldview
  4. Creativity and Critical Thinking
  5. Cooperation and Teamwork
  6. College Preparation and Life Skills

“…Train yourself to be godly. Physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”
I Timothy 4:7-8