The Training Ground Transition is Complete

Thanks to almost a year of hard work and cooperation of family, club members, and friends, our club has moved out completely from the former TG building and transitioned to a community club model with a team of wonderful parent-leaders.

The Mancinis’ property in Bushnell’s Basin is now leased to a political campaign:  Rich Funke for NY State Senator.  Some of you might find it exciting to volunteer there for campaign events (hands-on Social Studies!), “keeping one foot in the Basin”!

As spring begins, we are happy to begin distributing the new TG logo drawstring bags (free) to members and sending care packages of goodies to our TG alums living away at college.  Thanks to Mrs. D’Angelo and Mrs. Pond, respectively, for coordinating these efforts for the TG community.

AND it is almost time for spring survey.  Be thinking about your general homeschool commitments for next school year and how you would like to be involved in the TG Club, both in leadership/service and participation in activities.  :)


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