May Notices to Members

1.  Just two months more of club connections and activities.  The TG Club is closing (for good) before the end of June.  But until then, feel free to organize and post activities!

2.  National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 7th.  Let us know if you wish to organize a gathering mid-day.

3.  Thanks to several TG upperclassmen & alum girls volunteered to serve at CP Rochester’s 5K run event on Saturday, May 9th.

4.  Seniors!  Watch your mailbox for the official grad party invitations coming this month!


TG Club Meetings are Packing a Punch!

Thanks to all the club teens who attend the monthly meetings and project days!  So far this school year we have packed:

Boxes of goodies for soldiers

Stuffed animals for children from trauma

Goodies for TG alums who are away at college.

We are getting pretty efficient at care packages and having fun together in the process!

For our March meeting (on the 24th) and April meeting (on the 28th), we need ideas (and teens/parents to initiate them)!  Please contact Becky Mancini with your suggestions.



Next up: TG Kayak Day!

Come join fellow TG members on Canandaigua Lake as the LL Bean Outdoor Discovery Program instructors provide equipment and basic lesson to you get out on a late summer morning for some paddling time!

The event is Saturday morning, September 20.  Please register by September 6.  We are discounting the price $5 off the regular LL Bean fee; it is only $15 to participate—includes use of kayak, paddle, lifejacket, and water shoes, as well as instruction.

Club members can view the details, via password, on the course description page.

Parents are also welcome to register to paddle.

Membership Open for 2014-2015

The Training Ground is accepting membership applications and renewals for the upcoming school year for students in grades 6-12.  Please see our policy manual online and the membership page for forms.  Members will begin receiving weekly emails about upcoming activities.

The Training Ground Transition is Complete

Thanks to almost a year of hard work and cooperation of family, club members, and friends, our club has moved out completely from the former TG building and transitioned to a community club model with a team of wonderful parent-leaders.

The Mancinis’ property in Bushnell’s Basin is now leased to a political campaign:  Rich Funke for NY State Senator.  Some of you might find it exciting to volunteer there for campaign events (hands-on Social Studies!), “keeping one foot in the Basin”!

As spring begins, we are happy to begin distributing the new TG logo drawstring bags (free) to members and sending care packages of goodies to our TG alums living away at college.  Thanks to Mrs. D’Angelo and Mrs. Pond, respectively, for coordinating these efforts for the TG community.

AND it is almost time for spring survey.  Be thinking about your general homeschool commitments for next school year and how you would like to be involved in the TG Club, both in leadership/service and participation in activities.  :)


Winter Course Registration Begins….

Now open for registration:  Teen Volleyball – Spring 2014.

Soon to be posted:  Art Classes (Mondays) with Mrs. Joanne Andrews.

Stay tuned for info about:  Winter socials and projects, Snowshoeing Day (equipment provided)….

Members and their families are welcome to submit information on activities they wish to host/coordinate, too!

Membership Continues & Activity Registration is Underway!

Our club offers enrichment activities for Christian homeschooled teens in grades 6-12.  If you are intending to participate in The Training Ground for 2013-2014, NOW is the time to submit your membership forms and payment to receive a password to view the details for fall courses & activities.

Members’ parents will also receive weekly email Updates regarding new opportunities posted throughout the year.

Currently, instructors & activity coordinators are taking email registrations for:  Teen Volleyball (ages 12 and up); The Pilgrim’s Progress (meets monthly for gr. 10-12); TG Book Club – River tales in a variety of genres for gr. 6-9 (meets monthly); Jr. High Backyard Games & Ice Cream Social (Sep); Jr. High Bowling Day (Oct); TG Yard Party (all members, Aug); and more to come!

Soon we expect to post information about:  Art classes, Kayaking Day, Sr. High socials and/or service projects; Jeopardy Game Days; Career Field Trips; etc.  TG Spring Running Club is also planned for 2014, and plans are underway to continue the TG Puppeteer ministry to the community.  We welcome parents and community instructors to help organize life skill courses or activities throughout the year.

Mark your calendar for the all-member TG Yard Party— Thursday, Aug 22, 1-3 pm, at the Mancinis’ home (rain date Aug 23), and we hope to see you there!  :)  Click the MEMBERSHIP tab for more information!

Membership Opens July 15, 2013

Woo hoo!  Beginning mid-July, current TG members may renew their annual membership, and new members are welcome to join the club!

By July 15, 2013, the Policy Manual and membership forms will be updated online to reflect the changes in the TG club.  Please read the policies and forms thoroughly before submitting your membership forms.

Note our NEW mailing address (on forms and on our contact page).


Training Ground Future

The Training Ground will transition soon to become a community organization —without an LLC status and without a designated building, but with the same standards and shared community of teen members.

The existence, structure, and scope of the club for 2013-14 entirely depends on volunteer parent involvement, leadership commitment, and responsible instructors working as independent contractors.

If you share the vision for a 2013-14 TG club specifically for Christian homeschooled teens, please contact Becky about your intended involvement OR simply to discuss potential areas of service to the organization.


Winter/Spring Course Registration: Dec. 5-7

TG Members may register online for second semester courses on December 5-7, 2012.  Courses will be posted a day or two early for preview only.

Be sure your account is paid up prior to registration.

We will host Career Exploration (with several guest speakers in a variety of fields), Guitar, TG Volleyball, CPR, Critical Thinking Online, Youth Toastmasters, literature, TG Running Club, Chess, Basketball, Proverbs 31 Bible Study & Service, Junior Class (11th grade) Leadership, Watercolor classes, and group game days.

We look forward to seeing you at the TG for classes and activities!